Re-election priorities for Pillon include finances and roads

Councillor Bob Pillon is seeking re-election in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

Councillor Bob Pillon is seeking re-election in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

By Ron Giofu


The first incumbent councillor has entered the municipal election race.

Bob Pillon has filed for re-election in the Oct. 27 election and said he hopes to continue on in his current role as a councillor.

“I like the job,” said Pillon. “I enjoy helping people. From the councillor’s position, I can help just as many people as the mayor or deputy mayor.”

Pillon said there are good things happening in town and he wants to help the town to “keep flourishing. I just want to help follow through.”

Cohesion on council will be a key to getting the financial issue resolved, he stated.

“The real issue is to get our finances in order, obviously,” said Pillon. “We have to work together. We can’t keep going on the way it has been.”

Pillon said policies have to be put in place to keep council more aware and that council being enlightened to the current financial plight was “a learning curve for us.” More should be done to ensure council is fully in the loop, he said.

“I think we need to change how we do business at town hall so council sees more and understands more,” he said.

The debt is another big issue, added Pillon, adding the town has to “be very cautious” in terms of paying down debt while doing necessary infrastructure work. Rebuilding reserves and working to ensure life cycle replacement costs are funded are his other priorities.

Pillon added CAO Mike Phipps “has got some good people in place” and more need to follow to fill vacancies such as the director of finance position.

Pillon said a problem at town hall has been too many temporary CAO’s but he believed getting Phipps was “a good move on our part.

“He’s helped us out a lot to some people’s dislike but, in my opinion, he’s done a good job.”

Pillon believed the town ‘s infrastructure is in good shape, adding that other towns will be facing infrastructure issues in the near future.

Getting another hotel/motel is something Pillon would like to see.

“The town really needs to have a motel,” he said. “That motel would really help the commercial area.”

Pillon believed resolving that long-standing issue would benefit the commercial sector in town.

“I’d like to see the downtown develop with more commercial,” he said. “More commercial would help draw people in.”

Roads are another priority, he said, with another long-standing issue being Texas Road. Pillon said that has been on the books “for too many years.”

Stating he wants to continue to advocate for issues in the farming community, Pillon indicated some of those issues include roads. He said he would like to see the end of gravel roads in town.

“I believe everyone should have at least a tar and chip put down,” he said.

Pillon has 23 years of municipal experience and said he “will continue to work for the people as I always have. I’ve always maintained that (decisions) have got to be good for the community and good for everybody.”

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