Ray Cecile acclaimed as the Essex riding’s new PC candidate


Ray CecileBy Ron Giofu


The Ontario PC Party has its new candidate for the Essex riding.

Ray Cecile, a master electrician and Lakeshore resident, is the party’s candidate after he was acclaimed April 4 after nominations closed.

The 40-year-old Cecile is a master electrician who works in a facility that manufactures fertilizer and produces environmentally-friendly products. He said his viewpoints and ideals align well with those offered by the Progressive Conservatives.

“I’m just a regular blue collar guy that wants to get involved in politics,” said Cecile.

Cecile said he has a track record in Lakeshore of holding municipal officials’ “feet to the fire” and he believes he can bring that trait to provincial politics.

“I think I can bring that to Queen’s Park and help that way as well,” he said.

His background as a master electrician gives him what he believes is a unique perspective on the hydro prices in Ontario. He said hydro issue is a tool for prosperity, not a way for multi-national corporations to make a profit.

“I can offer a different perspective and implement a different plan to get (hydro) affordable again,” he said.

Cecile added that for seniors and others with fixed incomes, the prices of hydro dramatically impacts their bottom lines. He added that he wants to bring the real concerns of Ontarians to Queen’s Park on the issues that really matter to them at home.

“Not only does the Wynne government continue to ignore the concerns of the people of Ontario, she signed off on the wasted $1.1 billion to cancel two natural gas generating plants, among many other billion dollar boondoggles that have left beleaguered Ontarians to pick up the tab,” he said. “It has become clear that the Wynne government has not only run out of ideas, but suffers from a credibility deficit matched only by their ever growing budgetary deficit.”

Cecile said he has had “phenomenal support” since getting the nomination and a lot of conservatives are excited. He said people are excited to “get Ontario back on its feet and get the province to create jobs once again.”

Essex MPP Taras Natyshak, a New Democrat, was also criticized by Cecile.

“What he says and what he does are two different things,” Cecile said of the incumbent.

Cecile added that Natyshak has had several opportunities “to vote with the PC’s to make life affordable” for Ontarians but did not. He added that Natyshak has voted against bills that would abolish the Green Energy Act, which would “stop billions of dollars of subsidies going to multi-nationals.”

The NDP, led by Andrea Horwath, has “a couple of gimmicks,” he added, while the Progressive Conservatives have a plan.

“I’m going to do what I say, something different than what (Natyshak) has been doing,” he said.

In a press release, Cecile added, “Natyshak and Horwath are more concerned about their electoral fortunes than the pocket books of real Ontarians.  They continually ignore the needs of the people in a bid to force an election only when it is most convenient for them.   Natyshak and the NDP have shown they only care about gaining power and are willing to partner with a corrupt and incompetent Liberal regime to do so.”

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak congratulated Cecile on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Essex. The release states that “Hudak applauded and thanked Cecile for his unwavering commitment to reducing the size and cost of government and kick-starting the economy to create private-sector jobs.”

“Ray understands the priorities for a brighter future and the urgent need to create the private sector jobs that will lead Ontario back to prosperity,” said Hudak. “While the current government continues to deepen Ontario’s economic crisis, the Ontario PC Party has a plan to create new jobs and rein in government spending.”

Cecile’s wife Amy is a teacher and the couple have two daughters – nine-year-old Ella and six-year-old Kaiden.

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