Ranta Marina to host slew of community events

By Karen Fallon

From a motorcycle fundraiser to a medieval battle, it’s all going to be taking place this year at Ranta Marina.

Owner Robert Delicata informed council that he and his partner Terry Belanger have, in an effort to engage the community with the marina, developed a list of events to be held throughout the year.

“Our goal, at the end of the day, is to bring people to the town and bring new activities to the area,” said Delicata. “We are also looking to create new jobs both full-time and part-time.”

The events are designed to appeal to all age groups.

One occasion the “Ride for Dad” will hopefully entice over 1,200 motorcycle riders into the community, says Delicata. The first and final stop of the event will be at the marina.

As the sponsor for the prostate cancer fundraiser Ranta owners will be donating all the profits from the day’s events.

“The proceeds for that will all go to charity, we are making no profit on that day,” said Delicata. “We sponsored it…we have donated a steak dinner that night and that if we are able to sell liquor we will be able to raise more money for charity.”

Delicata was seeking the town’s support to use the adjacent municipal park for some of the events as a gift in-kind, only one of which, he says, will need a liquor permit.

The Ride for Dad will feature a fenced area within the park where liquor will be sold.

Another high profile event will be the Battle of Acoustics with a prize of $10,000 in the form of a recording package for the winner.

Among the other  events there will be: a medieval weekend, which will replicate the days of King Richard and encompass a mock battle. There will also be a wine tour, car show, boater’s weekend, Halloween Pumpkin Patch and a Christmas light show.

Delicata says that he and Belenger have been working with the town’s parks and recreation department to ensure that everything is in line with municipal requirements.

In respect to the issue of noise, raised by councilor Carolyn Davies, Delicata says that in order to address the issue of noise they had decided to go with a Battle of the Acoustics instead of a Battle of the Bands.

With Acoustics, says Delicata, there are no drums only a single guitar.

Councillor Diane Davies says it is “commendable” that the partners are going to be bringing in new jobs into the community.

Delicata replied to deputy mayor Ron Sutherland’s concern about boat access for the Ranta boat owners during the events that it will be business as usual for them.

It sounds like you are going to have a fun marina down there, says councilor Robert Pillon. “I wish you well.”

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