Pumpkinfest continues to be a smashing success



By Christian Bouchard


Large crowds flocked to Western Secondary School for the annual Pumpkinfest over the weekend.

Shoppers were able to browse the school and stop at 113 different booths selling crafts, ranging from soaps, hand crafted wood, knitted toques and much more.

Samantha Thomas, a teacher at the school has been coordinating the event for 23 years and is proud of how many students take pride in the event.

“How many visitors come back, former students and teachers on this weekend amazes me,” said Thomas. “They even come to volunteer. We have students in the parking lot directing traffic in the rain who are already graduated. They always come back to help.”

Alexander Helebich poses with his artwork at the Pumpkinfest craft show this past weekend. Helebich was one of 113 vendors at the craft show throughout the weekend.

Also volunteering were current students as they helped with various tasks throughout the weekend such as setting up tables for vendors, baking and running their booth.

In addition to receiving community hours, students also benefit as proceeds help pay for things such as field trips, guess speakers and other things that aren’t part of the regular course.

“We want to go above and beyond and this helps pay for it,” added Thomas. “Normally students would have to pay a big part, but thanks to this event they now only have to pay about $5.”

Alexander Helebich, owner of Edge of the Woods was one of the 113 vendors throughout the weekend. He said the Pumpkinfest is one of the best festivals he attends every year.

“It’s my second year and it’s one of the most well-known events in the area. It’s local and everyone is so friendly,” said Helebich.

According to Thomas, vendors traveled from as far as Toronto to take part in the event.

“I hear vendors say all the time how this is the best ran craft show, but it’s because of all the help,” said Thomas.




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