Public consultations for Duffy’s property include two more options



By Ron Giofu


Public input was gathered on a class environmental assessment for the Duffy’s property with two other options also presented for the land’s future.

Town staff and consultants from Landmark Engineers Inc. presented afternoon and evening open houses last Wednesday in the Libro Centre’s community room. Dan Krutsch, president of Landmark Engineers, said it was the first of two sessions in which the public will be invited.

The new option allowing for boat trailer parking and boat ramp.

“We are presenting the information we know about the site,” he said.

The two additional options that were developed involve some of what has been suggested by members of the community. One of the options includes allowing boat trailer parking exclusively on the site along with a boat ramp and marina. The second of the new options calls for a passive park with marina and no boat ramp.

The original option, with amphitheatre, festival plaza and marina, was also featured.

The public was invited to provide comments on the process, including the three options. Krutsch said the opportunity to provide comment is still available as they look to develop the property in the fashion that the residents and council want.

The “active” option featuring an amphitheatre and festival plaza.

“What we’re trying to show is that it’s hard to have everything on the property,” said Krutsch.

The next public meeting is planned for late September at which point a “preferred option” will be presented to the community. All comments from the second drop-in centre will be reviewed and used to help refine the preferred solution with the engineering firm adding that the project website will then be updated and a notice will be published. The notice would alert the public that a 30-day public review period for the Class EA has commenced.

It would be after that when council would discuss design and construction components of the process.

Approvals would still have to be gained from various agencies and governing bodies before any plans can move forward, Krutsch added.

As for environmental issues on the site, Krutsch said there are no significant problems that currently need addressing.

The “passive” option for the Duffy’s site.

“There’s no major issues we’re struggling with on the site,” he said.

The plans and the Powerpoint presentation that was made at the Aug. 8 meeting are available on the town’s website at under “Environmental Plans and Reports.” Leading administrative efforts from the town’s perspective at last Wednesday’s meeting was director of planning, development and legislative services Mark Galvin.

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