Progressive Conservative candidate Ray Cecile

Progressive Conservative candidate Ray Cecile

Q: Electricity prices are a concern to ratepayers in the Essex riding. What is your party’s plan to alleviate concerns over cost and how would you strive to carry out that plan locally?

A: Our plan is to end the $46 billion subsidies to solar and wind installations, and reduce the size of the energy sector bureaucracy that has over 11,000 workers on the annual Sunshine list of government workers making over $100,000.  We will concentrate on affordable reliable nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectricity as the main power sources that feed the grid.  All of the current in-service FIT and Micro-FIT contracts will be honoured.  This plan will save households and businesses in Ontario $20 billion.

A typical household electricity bill will be reduced by $384, far lower than they would be under the current NDP/Liberal government in the next term.

Regional generation is an important strategy to implement.  It is too expensive, due to line losses, equipment maintenance, and cost of infrastructure  to produce power for our region in Sarnia for instance, and send it down the line to our region where it may be needed.  If electricity is needed in our region, we should produce it here too, it creates jobs and it is more cost effective.


Q: How do you view the future of education in the province and what changes (if any) would you like to see to improve the quality of education in Ontario?

A:  Education is the second largest expenditure in our budget after healthcare.  But it seems that the value for the money may not be apparent.  We spend $8.5 billion more on education today than we did ten years ago, with 250,000 fewer students, all while our children’s scores on key subjects like math have been well below standard.  Clearly the curriculum put forward by the NDP-Liberal government is a failure.  This is by no means the fault of the hardworking teachers, but misplaced ideology that has been put into the education system

It is time to focus on reading, writing and arithmetic again.  We also need to put more emphasis on science and financial literacy at all grade levels.


Q: How would you and your party bring jobs to the Essex riding?

A:  Our jobs plan will bring jobs back to our riding by reducing all corporations tax rate 30 per cent.  This will allow businesses to use that extra money to invest in that capital project and hire more people.    In addition to our reduction in electrical rates, it will be more attractive for businesses to relocate to our region.

Our plan to abolish the Ontario College of Trades will modernize our apprenticeship ratios and allow more of our youth to enter into high paying skilled trades jobs.  One of the most important pieces in our platform to me, is the plank where we will make sure people with disabilities are matched up with jobs, and employers so they get an opportunity to contribute where they can.  Let’s concentrate on the skills people with disabilities have, and get them connected with employers.


Q:  How would you and your party ensure that residents of the Essex riding have the best quality health care and what initiatives would you and your party bring to the table to ensure local residents have the best health care possible?

A:  Our Party will build a healthcare system that treats chronic disease as the leading health issue of our time, not as an afterthought in a system designed around short term stays in the hospital.

We will develop better homecare for seniors that is more readily available and easy to access.  This will mean that people aren’t forced into long-term care before they need it or into a hospital unnecessarily and that a bed will be there for people who require it.

If we build a “mega” hospital in Windsor-Essex that concentrates on chronic care and is placed in one geographical end of the region, then we need to make sure urgent care is available in all areas of our large riding of Essex.


Q; Simply put, why are you the best candidate to represent the Essex riding in the Ontario Legislature and why should the voters put their trust in you?

A: Because I’m not doing this for me.  I won’t be there to represent any special interest groups if elected.  I want to represent the real people of this riding.  I put my name forward for the right reasons, to help people.

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