Price drop to encourage new user groups


By Karen Fallon

In an effort to increase user participation council agreed to reduce the cost to use the outdoor turf football/soccer field at the United Communities Credit Union Complex, at the Dec. 10 meeting.

The previous rates for renting the outdoor turf football/soccer field was $60 per game for unlit play and $100 under lights.

The new prices, which take effect Jan. 1, 2013, will be $35 per game played on the outdoor turf without lighting and $57 per game under lights.

“Administration is recommending a competitive pricing strategy that will introduce our turf property to new markets as well as increasing the opportunity to facilitate our local sports users,” says Dean Collver, director of recreation and culture in a report to council.

The drop in prices comes as a result of public feedback, which revealed that cost is the main deterrent to users seeking such a surface over and above the quality of the playing surface.

“I think this is wise, it may increase the use and therefore cover the cost that we would have lost if not enough people could have afforded to pay for it,” said councilor Carolyn Davies.

Of the assorted facilities at the United Communities Credit Union Complex, the outdoor turf field is one of the lowest costs to maintain, said Collver in response to councilor Carolyn Davies who inquired if the new fees will cover any required maintenance costs.

“On an operational basis it is a very low cost field to maintain and it doesn’t tear often,” said Collver.

Turf fields established at the University of Windsor, Vista High School in Tecumseh and an in-progress project at Sandwich High School in LaSalle, will continue to put pressure on rental prices as the availability of these fields open to the marketplace, notes Collver.

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