Police investigate stolen cannon

By Joel Charron

It seems that people will steal absolutely anything these days, even a 600-pound, cast iron cannon.

Amherstburg Police are investigating a theft of a cast iron replica cannon that went missing from the Interior Door Shop. Dave Bezaire of the Interior Door Shop said he noticed the cannon missing on Feb. 2, shortly after the snowstorm swept through the area.

The cannon was one of the replicas that were donated to Project HMS Detroit by the Ford Motor Company.

Bezaire said the cannon was sitting in the shops parking lot as they were waiting for a break in their schedule to build a wooden base for it.

When Bezaire realized that the cannon was missing his initial reaction was sheer shock. He added that there was no way one person could have lifted the cannon by themselves.

“They had to have had a mechanical lift or something,” said Bezaire.  “The yard is pretty visible, but with the snow piled up from the storm it kind of made a little bit of cover for them.”

According to Bezaire, a number of people had inquired about purchasing the cannon, some of which became very adamant about buying it.

“I just told people to talk to the town about it. This cannon was not for sale,” he said.

The cannon, which is owned by the town, was to be placed somewhere in the town’s vicinity

“This is not something people can hide,” added Bezaire. “If you want it, you want to display it, unless someone wanted it for scrap.”

Police believe the cannon was stolen overnight. The investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 519-736-8559 or Crime Stoppers at 519-258-2877.

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