Pointe West Golf Club “comes together” at outdoor concert



By Ron Giofu


Pointe West Golf Club held an outdoor concert Friday night where long-standing members and new members got a chance to unite.

The first “Coming Together” concert was held near the clubhouse, with band Greatest Hits Live performing. Frank Cirino, a member of the organizing committee, explained it was a chance for all members to come together and “show that Pointe West is a fun place to play at.”

Almost 500 people bought tickets for the “Coming Together” concert at Pointe West Golf Club in which Greatest Hits Live performed.

Cirino said that 477 of the 500 tickets printed were sold, with it being a chance for long time and recently joined members to network and see what Pointe West is all about as well as for members to showcase the club to potential new members.

In all, Pointe West has about 600 members.

While it was the first-ever “Coming Together” outdoor concert, Cirino believed it wouldn’t be the last.

“It will be an annual thing,” he stated.

The slope outside of Pointe West Golf Club was packed with people for the Coming Together concert Sept. 22.

Another event Pointe West recently held was another “Amherstburg Day.” That day featured 100 golfers and was designed as an opportunity to expose the course to others.

“That was filled up,” said committee member Ed Predki. “We got ten new members as a result. It was good for the club.”

A portion of the proceeds from last Friday night’s “Coming Together” concert will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Another portion will go towards golf course improvements.

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