Planting the seeds of success


By Joel Charron

A group of young adults are using the Internet to help others set personal and professional goals.

Javaughn Langlois, 24, Yvonne Khadra, 25, Devon Kendrick, 21 and Amherstburg’s Brady Thrasher have started a web series called “Seed My Dream.”

“Seed My Dream” is a live talk show for young, ambitious and goal driven people. Each week they explore one topic about what it takes to be successful at whatever ones passion is in life, sharing tools experiences and advice to help people along their way. Celebrity and other notable guest also make apperances, join in the conversation and share their advice.

“Seed My Dream is to help others understand that achieving your most ambitious goal can be done with ease, so there’s no excuse not to strive to make your dream your reality,” said Langlois.

“From the conversations Yvonne and I had, prior to Seed My Dream being conceived, we quickly realized that as a result of not only sharing our goals and aspirations with each other but also briefing each other about the progress we made the previous day, we were accomplishing more than what we ever had before,” he continued. “This was effective because we incorporated our personal goals into our every day social lives, which is something most people don’t do in fear of being mocked and criticized for having goals that others believe are “unrealistic.”


A screen shot of Brady Thrasher, Devon Kendrick, Yvonne Khadra and Javaughn Langlois hosting their weekly internet talk show “Seed My Dream.” The show can be seen every Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. on the group’s website Seedmy

Thrasher, who is the founder of the Affected Campaign, said he got involved after receiving a proposal detailing the purpose of “Seed My Dream” over Facebook.

“He (Javaughn) told me the nature of it and it was something that I believed in,” said Thrasher.

“Brady has proven himself to be a leader in this community through his Affected Campaign and now as one of the most recognized and trusted Real Estate agents, so recruiting Brady to be involved early on was a clear priority,” said Langlois.

Along with an online blog the Seed My Dream team produces a weekly talk show, which is filmed at NYN Designs in Windsor. The talk show features guests who talk with four hosts about how to achieve goals.

They aired their first episode on their website and attracted more than 60 live viewers and 150 more for the recorded show.

Jordan Monforton, the 17-year-old Amherstburg teenager who posted an anti-bullying video on YouTube was a guest. He discussed how important it is to overcome negativity and criticism.

Thrasher said everyone should view Seed my Dream talk show at least once.

“This is a different tool,” said Thrasher. “You can go out there and Google anything and get different strategies but for half an hour each week you can be inspired and learn ways to better manage your time and how to achieve what you want in life.”

Thrasher also mentioned that it will challenge people to think differently.

“Javaughn is a business analyst and I’m a business man,” he said. “We have two different ways of thinking. Everyone has their own way of thinking but we can all learn from each other. We are trying to expose people to different processes and different goal setting strategies.”

Langlois said the group hopes that Seed My Dream will be a show series on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) by January 2014.

“We’re aspiring to take Seed My Dream to this level because OWN allows us to reach and help a wider audience than we are able to ourselves and it also serves as a testament to exactly what we’re advocating to our viewers – that achieving your most ambitious goal can be done with ease when you are equipped with an all-encompassing passion and the right tools to utilize that passion with efficiency,” said Langlois

Seed My Dream live shows can be viewed on Saturday’s at 4 p.m. on

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