Pitbull strikes gold at Provinicals

By Joel Charron

The Pitbull is once again golden.

Noram “The Pitbull” Lechance returned from the Ontario Senior Provincial Open Championship recently with the gold medal around his neck for the second straight year.

The Provincial Championship was held in Sarnia.

“It’s a good feeling knowing that nobody at 107 can beat me,” said Lechance.

“It just proves that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it,” said Fighting Island Boxing Club president Joe LeBlanc. “In order to achieve anything good in life, you have to sacrifice and trust me, he’s been sacrificing.”


Noram “The Pitbull” Lechance stands with trainer and Fighting Island president Joe LeBlanc

LeBlanc said what makes Lechance’s gold medal even more remarkable is the fact that the Pitbull is fighting opponents that are much older than him and have a lot more experience.

“You’re talking about guys that have been in this sport for a lot of years,” explained LeBlanc. “So when you get a gold medal out of that, that’s something to be very proud of, it’s a huge accomplishment.”

With the win, Lechance now sets his sights on the Canadian Senior Open National Championship, held in Sidney/Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on January 10-12.

Last year Lechance walked away from the National Championship with a bronze medal, however with another year of experience under his belt The Pitbull feels that this could be his year.

“I really feel that it’s my turn,” he said.  “Last year was a good learning experience but now I’m ready to take that next step.”

In order for The Pitbull to take that next step, Lechance said he has been working on countering his opponents and waiting for his shot instead of always charging in.

“I’m learning to mix it up,” he said. “Fighting on the inside, then bouncing on the outside. I can switch to southpaw to try to confuse my opponent.”

LeBlanc believe the only person that would stop Lechance, would be Lechance.

“The only reason why it wouldn’t be his time would be him,” said LeBlanc. “There are no issues with him physically. The only thing that would hold him back would be his own fear of the unknown, but I don’t think he has that.”

LeBlanc noted if Lechance wins gold at the Nationals, he would have to medal at one of four tournaments to earn a spot on Team Canada for the 2012 London Olympics.


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