Peter Rindlisbacher opens exhibit at Gibson Gallery


By Joel Charron

Local artist Peter Rindlisbacher’s first art show in over five years may be his last for quite some time.

Fighting Sail on the Great Lakes- 1812 era painting is now on display at the Gibson Gallery and will run until July 8.

“This is a thrill to put together a collection and see them,” said Rindlisbacher, at the artist reception held at the Gibson Gallery last Friday. “This is really unexpected.”

Rindlisbacher, a member of the provincial Marine, mentioned that the artist reception was a sort of “goodbye party” as he is moving to Texas for his wife’s job in early July.


Local artist Peter Rindlisbacher stands by his painting entitled "Mid lake Duel" Sept 28, 1813.

The exhibit features 14 pieces spanning over his 25-year career as an artist. Rindlisbacher works mainly in oils and paints subjects surrounding the Great lakes and the War of 1812.

According to Rindlisbacher, he approached the Gibson Gallery roughly a year and a half ago about doing a show in around the time of the bi-centennial celebration.   Rindlisbacher thought he would have the time to produce some original pieces, however he became overwhelmed with orders from assorted museums’ for War of 1812 paintings.

Instead of originals, Rindlisbacher said he had to use giclee, which are ultra-high quality photocopies of the originals.

“I was able to put them on canvas and what it does is give you a very good facsimile approximation of what the original would have looked like,” explained Rindlisbacher.

The local artist did note the giclee are a little smaller than the originals.

“I’m happy on how they turned out,” he said.

The Gibson Gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

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