Performance review indicates things ‘moving along’


By Karen Fallon

Amherstburg’s performance measures report for 2009-1010 revealed several “good news” items for the town.

Councillor Carolyn Davies says she found the report, compiled by the town’s treasurer Paul Beneteau, “fascinating.”

In the 2000 fiscal year, the Province of Ontario introduced a new reporting requirement for Ontario municipalities entitled the, “Municipal Performance Measurement Program,” notes Beneteau.

In an effort to promote open and accountable local government all municipalities in the province have to report annually to their residents.

According to the information the Amherstburg police dept. notes that youth crime was down throughout the municipality during that time period.

“I think that is not only a credit to the youth, but to their families, to the youth programs in town and to the police and their programs all of which help young people get a sense of themselves in a positive way,” said Davies.

She also noted that having no lives lost to fire during that time was a “wonderful compliment to the fire department.”

Some of the activities indicated in the report are based on specific events occurring during the course of the year and have an impact on the results on a   comparative basis, notes Beneteau.

As an example, the operating cost for winter maintenance may vary depending upon how severe the winter has been for any given year.

The denominator, says Beneteau, is on a per-paved lane kilometer basis, rather than the number of snow events.

When looking at the roads portion of the report, says Davies, it indicates that the town exceeded the service levels for road maintenance.

“There are not a lot of municipalities that can’t say that,” she said.

Also according to the report there was no drinking water advisories during the time reflected.

“This means our folks in public works are doing their jobs and it is costing us a lot less because these things are happening,”  “I just thought these are the kinds of things that should be noted.”

“Things are really moving along and I think it is important that people have an opportunity to go look at those figures and there are many more,” said Davies.

This information will be posted on the website, as well as reported to the Province.

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