PC candidate Dave Brister warns residents: ‘The Taxman Cometh’

By Joel Charron

Last Week, Essex PC candidate Dave Brister embarked on a media blitz warning that if the Liberal are re-elected, taxes will be on the rise.

Brister and Chatham-Kent Essex counterpart Rick Nicholls held a press conference in the Navy Yard Park to notify the public that Progressive Conservatives voting for Tory blue was a vote for “real change” in Ontario.

Brister said the Conservatives plan to remove the HST from hydro and home heating fuels, introducing income sharing for all couples, cutting middle class income taxes by five per cent, doubling the caregiver tax credit and getting rid of the “sneaky” eco tax.

Brister said families cannot makes ends meet under Dalton McGuinty’s reign.

“Dalton McGuinty can’t resist raising taxes. He taxes, he spends and then he taxes some more,” said Brister. “Dalton McGuinty can’t resist raising taxes. He taxes, he spends and then he taxes some more.”

Essex PC candidate Dave Brister (right) and Chatham-Kent Essex candidate Rick Nicholls reveil a scroll containing Liberal created taxes during their press conference in Navy Yard Park held Tues. June 14.

Brister and Nicholls unveiled a 12-foot scroll that listed roughly 50 taxes that Ontario residents have endured since the Liberals took power in 2003.

“The tax and spend Liberal days are done,” said Brister. “We’re focused on bringing change to the province of Ontario.”

Nicholls said that Ontario’s deficit is double that of the other provinces combined.

The PC’s are focused jobs to Ontario and the Essex riding however Brister said that currently it’s widely know that one green energy job cost seven in the broader economy. Brister said and increased tax burden and energy cost drive up the costs of doing business in Ontario.

Brister mentioned the $7-billion contract Ontario signed with Samsung was one that was awarded to them without a bidding process. He said that Ontario companies we not allowed to bid on the contract.

Brister also mentioned that people are starting to see that its time for an Ontario PC government, as families are tired of having to choose between food and energy.

“We’re focused on the fact that people are ready for a change,” said Brister. “We recognize we have a long road and we really have to push to get our message out but we are confident that the PC party message is one that people want to see going forward and want to be ensured we are focused on their concerns and we’re not following in McGuinty’s footsteps which has been simply to tax and spend.”

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