PC candidate Brister speaks againsts Liberals “sneaky” eco-tax

By Joel Charron

For the second time in two weeks, Essex PC candidate Dave Brister was back in the Burg last Tuesday.

Brister spoke against Premier Dalton McGuinty’s “sneaky eco-tax” and marked the first anniversary of when he “snuck” in eco taxes on 9,000 household items and brought in his HST

PC candidate Dave Brister speaks out against Liberal Dalton McGuinty and their “sneaky” eco-tax

tax grab.

Brister said life has become unaffordable for many families due to the HST, the health tax, eco taxes and always rising hydro bills.

“Under Dalton “The Taxman” McGuinty, too many new taxes and cost have been strung on Ontario families making it harder and harder to balance the family budget,” said. Brister.

Brister accused the McGuinty Liberals of using one tax grab to cover another tax grab.

Brister said if a Tim Hudak PC government were voted in they would eliminate McGunity’s eco-taxes on everyday household items.

“It is clear that families need relief,” he said.

The Essex PC candidate said the eco-taxes “do nothing to improve the environment.”

“Last year we found that only two per cent of electronics have been reused,” he stated.

According to Brister, $33 million was collected in eco-tax in 2009 and $20 million sit untouched in bank account.

“This is proof the eco-tax is just another tax grab,” he said. “Worse yet, Dalton McGuinty remains committed to bringing in more eco-taxes, should he be given the chance. On Oct. 6, Ontario families face a clear choice, more sneaky eco taxes from Dalton ‘the Tax Man’ McGuinty, or the change and relief they need from a Tim Hudak PC government.”

Brister said the Liberals agreed to review the eco-tax but told residents to “check you Christmas receipts” as an indication that the tax is still there.

“Apparently they reviewed it and decided it was just fine,” he Brister.

Should the Liberal be re-elected, Brister suggested a carbon tax could be on the way.

“Ontario families need change,” stated Brister.

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