Parks Master Plan adopted by town council



By Ron Giofu


The town now officially has a Parks Master Plan.

However, it may take a while before recommendations contained within actually come to fruition.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo believes there may be some confusion over what the adoption of the plan really means. He said the plan contains “guiding principles” on how the municipality should proceed. He said public input went into the plan but noted it isn’t a plan that can sit on the shelf and not be changed.

“It has to continually be updated,” he said.

What may have been the final baseball games played at Centennial Park were held last weekend. The Amherstburg Minor Baseball Association held a pee wee select tournament at the park. (Special to the RTT)

The “guiding document” will help future councils going forward, he stated, but added “I think when you have a plan like this, people automatically assume it’s some kind of manual.”

There are 71 recommendations contained within the plan and not all will receive immediate attention.

“It’s a long-term plan and a very expensive plan,” DiCarlo stated. “It might take ten years to do some of (the recommendations).”

One of the issues that user groups would like to see action on in the near future include the replacement of the baseball diamonds at Centennial Park. Four diamonds are being lost due to the pending construction of a new public high school at the site. DiCarlo said administration is looking into alternative measures in the short term until new diamonds can be built at the Libro Centre. He added he learned that many parents would like services consolidated in case a family has more than one child in different sports activities at the same time.

As it relates to replacing the Lions Pool, “we’re learning a lot from other municipalities” in terms of cost.

Baseball moms Jenni Pillon, Tamara Hebert and Donna Drouillard volunteer for bantam and peewee select tournaments on the weekend at Centennial Park. The tournament featured possibly the final games ever at Centennial Park, as the portion with the diamonds was sold to the Greater Essex County District School Board and will be the site of the new public high school. (Special to the RTT)

“Pools cost a lot of money,” said DiCarlo. “A pool is extremely expensive to maintain.”

The doesn’t mean there won’t be a pool as DiCarlo stated he has been in discussion with non-profit groups about fundraising for a new pool. There are also discussions over such issues as where to locate a pool.

“To think the town can do it without financial help, I don’t know how realistic it is,” he said.

DiCarlo recalled that the Lions Pool was originally put in because of fundraising efforts being undertaken.

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