Parks and Recreation committees coming together

By Karen Fallon

The town is still seeking members of the community to apply to be on the Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee and/or the Parks Advisory Committee; it was noted at the June 27 meeting of council.

The original application deadline of June 3, 2011 had been extended to June 6, 2011 in an effort to encourage more applications for the committees. However, since the compliment for the committees has yet to be filled the town is still taking applications.

Those applying must: currently reside in the Town of Amherstburg, have a demonstrated expertise, interest, and involvement in the sectors, have to be able to focus broadly and not on just a single interest area, have knowledge about the various areas comprising Amherstburg and are able to commit the time required to work on the Committee.

According to a report by CAO Pam Malott, committee members must be able to attend a majority of meetings. As failure to attend three consecutive meetings, except for reasons of illness or accident, will be grounds for replacement by Council.

Each committee will be compromised of lay members, two council representatives and a member of staff.

It was suggested by councillor John Sutton that as the full compliment has yet to be achieved and in an effort to expedite matters he suggested that the two groups be joined until a time when both committees have the required number of members.

“We have had difficulty gathering individuals to serve on these committees,” said Sutton. “Perhaps in the short term we could put the two together and continue to advertise.”

Councillor Carolyn Davies says she would “hate” to combine the two committees at this time as by doing so could result in the same attendance problem experienced with the previous joint committee.

“I would feel comfortable in giving it one more try (advertising) before we try to combine them,” she said.

Council agreed to go ahead with the two separate committees and as a result appointed to the Recreation and Culture Committee: Tony DiBartolomeo, Patrick Catton, Shirley Curson-Prue, Rosa White, John McDonald, Gregory Leal, along with council representatives Bart DiPasquale and Diane Pouget. And to the Parks Advisory Committee: Ted Popel, Rosa White, Dante Pagliaroli, Paulette Drouillard along with councillors Carolyn Davies and Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland.

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