Park named in memory of Pat Thrasher


By Karen Fallon

Kingsbridge Park will now be known as the Pat Thrasher Park.

Councilor John Sutton’s Notice of Motion made at the meeting held March 5, dealing with renaming Kingsbridge Park was brought forward on Monday night.

Among his local involvement Pat Thrasher was noted to be a dedicated minor league sports coach and mentor, a municipal councilor and leader in the local multiple sclerosis society.

Sutton says Thrasher was one of his first baseball coaches who he remembers for spending a great deal of time and effort teaching him the game in a positive light.

 Later when he also became a minor league sports coach, Sutton said:    “There were many times when I was dealing with kids when I would think, what would Pat do in this situation? How would he try to bring out the best in that kid, male or female?”

Pat would always strive to do the right thing for Amherstburg, notes Sutton.

Councillor Bart DiPasquale, who says he went to grade school with Thrasher, noted that he was a person who deserves to be “deeply” remembered by the community for the many exceptional things he did for the municipality over the years.

Mayor Wayne Hurst recalled joking with Thrasher when they were both on council together.

“This is a way that we can remember the contributions that Pat made over the years,” said Hurst.

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