Park House looking for help as paint job needed


By Ron Giofu


The Park House Museum is looking for the public’s assistance as the historic site needs a paint job.

Park House painting

“We’re running a tight budget here,” said Martin Breshamer, president of the Amherstburg Historic Sites Association.

The Park House is funded through a Community Museum Operating Grant, given by the provincial government, as well as through funding obtained by the Amherstburg Rotary Club. Breshamer said the town, the tinsmiths and tourists help fund the rest as well.

“It’s barely enough to keep it open on a yearly basis,”  he said. “We have to keep up the place.”

Donations of money, materials and time are being sought to help paint the Park House, which needs a primer coat as well as a main coat of paint.

“It’s a fairly big surface,” said Breshamer.

The Park House had luck in getting donations when they needed a new roof a few years ago as Prime Roofing helped put a new roof on the museum. The Park House is hoping for similar community support this time.

The Park House is one of the oldest structures in the area and Breshamer said they think it is one of the key assets of the historic town of Amherstburg.

“We’re even looking for people to scrape and paint. We’re looking for help,” added curator Valerie Buckie.

Buckie noted the Park House is very significant to the town.

“We were actually here during the War of 1812,” said Buckie. “We are part of the original Amherstburg.”

For information or to donate, call 519-736-2511 or e-mail

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