Park House exhibit to feature Villanova art students work

St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School art students completed a mural for the Park House Museum's new trading post exhibit Friday, March 9. Helping to work on it were (from left): Mary Bastien, Jason Chappus and Cory Hicks. Lauren Reed was absent.

By Joel Charron

A group of Villanova art students have had a hand in bringing a new exhibit at the Park House Museum to life.

The exhibit is part of the War of 1812 Bicentennial celebrations and will feature a mural created by Grade 12 Villanova students.

The mural is a part of the upcoming trading post exhibit.

“It represents what it used to be like with materials in there that people would have traded with,” said Mary Bastien, who completed the project with Jason Chappus and Lauren Reed.

The students said they researched what was likely part of the trading post before Chappus drew up a sketch of what the mural would look like.

“He did a sketch and we just followed it,” said Bastien.


According to Chappus, work began on the mural in late January and touch ups were being completed on Friday morning when Park House Museum volunteers arrived to pick it up.

Chappus added that he, Bastien and Reed would work on the mural any chance they got, stating that they would work on it during spares and stay after school.

“It’s like our baby,” he said. “We can come back in 50 years and say ‘I did that’.”

Villanova art teacher Lisa Bastien praised the students for the hours of work it took to complete the mural, which features three distinct painting styles.

“These kids put in hours and hours every single day,” she said.        “This is a major commitment. They took it as a great opportunity and put their best foot forward. They kept growing and learning.”

Paul Laframboise and Hazen Price arrived at Villanova on Friday morning to take the mural back to the Park House.

After gazing upon the mural for the mural time, Laframboise and Price were very please with what they saw.

“It’s great,” said Price. “This is going to look very nice with the exhibit.”

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