Paranormal investigation held at Park House Museum


By Ron Giofu


Are there ghosts living in the Park House Museum?

Some say they have heard unknown people running up and down the stairs and some claim there have been doors slamming for no reason.

As a fundraiser, the local community museum held a public paranormal investigation Friday the 13th with the event being sold out. It was held in two two-hour sessions with a team from P03 Paranormal undertaking the investigation.

The team that presented the the public paranormal investigation stand in the parlour of the Park House Museum. They include Jay Mower, Megan Garant, Teena Duchesne and Jaclyn Tiefenbach.

“We’re just volunteering to do it,” said investigator Teena Duchesne. “I’ve been a paranormal investigator for six years.”

Duchesne and her team brought their equipment and allowed people to hold dowsing rods, the latter which were used for finding water in the 1800’s and now are used to communicate with spirits.

The two-hour sessions saw teams split up and try to contact spirits on one floor of the museum before switching halfway through and going to the other floor.

Duchesne said they will be part of the Amherstburg Uncommon Festival and will also be part of the Ghost Tours happening at the Park House Aug. 3-4 and Oct. 19-20. Tickets are required for the Park House Ghost Tours and more information can be obtained by calling 519-736-2511 or e-mailing

The ghost tours will also have a history component as well, Duchesne added, as Park House staff and volunteers will join P03 Paranormal in presenting the evening.

Teena Duchesne from PO3 Paranormal searches for activity during a public paranormal session at the Park House Museum.

P03 Paranormal had conducted private paranormal investigations in the past at the Park House and Duchesne said she approached Park House curator Stephanie Pouget-Papak about doing a public one and they agreed to have one as a fundraiser.

Other upcoming Park House Museum events include “Hands on Heritage” Saturdays and Sundays, a “Harry Potter Tea Tasting” Aug. 19 and a “Witches Tea” Oct. 13 at 1 p.m. Pre-registration and payment required for the latter two events.

More information on the Park House Museum can be found at while both the Park House and P03 Paranormal can be found on Facebook.

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