Overhaul of Cultural Centre reveals issue with mold


By Karen Fallon

Renovations at the Victoria Street Cultural Centre have revealed an issue with mold in the north and possibly south wall.

Work which began on the property in December was brought to a halt until the mold could be tested to ascertain its type and what had to be done to eliminate it.

As a result the firm RC White was contracted to investigate the mold, noted Rick Daly Manager of Business Development and Programming, which revealed contamination on each surface where the wood framing was exposed along the north wall.

According to Daly’s report infrared imaging by the company, also showed 20 per cent moisture in the south wall which indicates possible mold.

“That increases our cost for demolition and reconstruction not only on the north wall but also the south wall to $33,000” said Daly.

According to the town’s chief building official Steve Brown, work on the building is currently underway.

“The mold was discovered when the new windows were to be placed into the north wall,” said Brown, who noted that it was a “serious” amount.

The report from RC White, has revealed that the problem has to be addressed via demolition of the problem areas, says Brown.

As the Amherstburg Community Services has an agreement to rent the Victoria Street Cultural Centre work has to be expedited, noted Daly.

As the lease on the current ACS premises expires on Feb 28, there is a deadline for the project “that we have to be serious about,” said Brown.

Councillor John Sutton’s motion to hold the report in abeyance until administration can bring back a full and comprehensive report was passed by council.


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