Outraged residents start petition against Mayor Hurst


By Joel Charron

The residents of Amherstburg are tired of the way thing are being run at Town Hall and are showing their displeasure by way of petition.

Last week, a petition was filed on iPetitions.com in efforts to have Mayor Hurst removed from office.  Based on the recent findings of the audit conducted regarding the inaccurate filing of Hurst campaign financial reports, the residents feel the auditors report should serve as sufficient evidence of Hurst’s inabilities to govern the town honestly and openly as a person in his position is expected to do.

Amherstburg residents Glenn Swinton, who was one of the first to sign the online petition, said he wasn’t the person who initate the petition but was asked by the creator of the petition to help spread the word.

With no real mechanism to remove the mayor from office, Swinton said the petition serves another purpose.

“It wasn’t intended to remove the mayor,” said Swinton. “The point of the petition is basically to present to committee the potential outcome or the potential outcome that we are looking for.”

Swinton said with the outcome of last week’s audit hearing, the residents missed their opportunity “to get something done”

“This was the one opportunity the town had for somebody on the outside to actually take a look on the inside and say ‘what’s going on her’,” said Swinton.

At the time of this article being printed the Amherstburg petition has gathered 76 signatures.

Swinton admits with plenty of people upset with the mayor’s actions over the last year, “it’s pretty pathetic” that only 76 signatures appear on the petition.

Swinton feels if the petition were better promoted, it would have collected a lot more signatures.

“We really should have gone door to door,” he said. “It should have been promoted better.

Swinton believes the trust between the public and council is gone and has no idea how it could be restored.

“I honestly cannot tell you where to begin,” he said. “I don’t know what council can honestly do. I think the mayor’s level of trust is severely damaged and I don’t know what it is that he is going to be able to do to regain trust from the people who are paying attention to what he’s actually doing and what he has done.”

Hurst said he was aware of the petition and mentioned that it’s “much to do about nothing.”

“The people who think, act and conduct themselves like these individuals are a minority in the town of Amherstburg,” said Hurst. “It is nothing but their lies, deceit and deception that they are doing to his discredit Wayne Hurst.”

Hurst also added that is these same people that have contributed “nothing” to the community.

“It’s time for them to realize they have lost the election and move on,” said Hurst. “We are going to stay the course, make no mistake about it.”

Hurst suggested because Amherstburg is a border town and are influenced by some American politics that a recall should be called.

“We had a recall…it’s called the last election,” said Hurst.

Hurst stated that his critics “never have a good thing to say” and provided a disservice to the community.

“They are not helping this community what so ever,” said Hurst.

Swinton said he and the public would continue to fight for accountability and transparency.

“We might have had some good years with Wayne Hurst in office. He may have done his job and has done it well over the past,” said Swinton. “But I think the time has come. I think there is a comfort level that he’s reached and it’s time to move on.”


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