Outdoor movie night coming to General Amherst High School


By Danica Skakavac

Earth Day is fast approaching and with it comes new and exciting events held all across the town of Amherstburg to celebrate it and recognize our need to take care of the environment.

The eco-team at General Amherst High School is putting a new spin on it this year, deciding to host an outdoor movie night at General Amherst Friday, April 21 from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. They will be showing the movie “Ferngully” in front of the baseball diamonds, as well as selling snacks such as pop, chips, candy and a barbecue.

Admission is $1 but guests may also pay with reusable electronics, like old phones or batteries. The school’s eco-team hopes to see as many as 50-100 people come out and support the cause this Friday night.


All proceeds will be donated to Ojibway Park.

“Our main goal for this event is to provide our community with a better understanding of what our eco-team has to offer,” says the eco-team leader Linden Crain. “We are a non-profit group willing to share our ideas and movement to make our Earth a better place.”

Donation bins will be surrounding the baseball diamond for electronic drop-offs. Crain asks that if any ink cartridges are donated, make sure they are not leaking. Many gifts such as t-shirts and stickers will be given out.

“We hope to show students and young children that what we do with our waste can affect the environment around us,” Crain says.

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