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By Joel Charron

Fighting Island Boxing Club president Joe LeBlanc stood ringside with a giant smile splashed across his face Saturday evening.

If anyone needed to know why LeBlanc was smiling, they just needed to take a look around as people intensely watched the action in the ring.

“There are lots and lots of people here,” said LeBlanc.

The public came out in droves to support the local boxing club’s latest event, “Fight Night at the Legion.”

The boxing show marked the first time Fighting Island and the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 teamed up to host an outdoor boxing show at the foot of the Legion on Dalhousie Street.

“You got to love the atmosphere here,” said LeBlanc. “The Legion is going to do really well and that’s exactly what we wanted to do.”

LeBlanc said he wanted to partner with the Legion and give back to the service club for all they have done for the boxing club.

“The last two year Noram Lechance went to the Nationals the Legion was the one that gave us money to get out of town,” said LeBlanc. “The Legion has always donated the club money so we thought, let’s pay it back.”

LeBlanc said he was overwhelmed with the support of the community after moving the club to Amherstburg a few years ago.

“We never got this kind of support while we were in LaSalle,” said LeBlanc. “Having the town of Amherstburg embrace us like they have, it’s something that my organization is not used to.”

The fight card featured nine fights with eight Fighting Island fighters being highlighted.

Steven Wigle (red) of Fighting Island Boxing Club throws a punch in his bout against Gordon Guinette of Ultimate Fighter Boxing Club. Wigle was of one of eight Fighting Island fighters in action.

Jake Bozin won his fight against Josh Lush of Rough Boxing Club.

Conner Roland lost after a referee stoppage in the second round to Ultimate Fighter Boxing Club’s Seth Minaker.

Steve Wiggle lost to Gordan Guenete of Windsor Amateur Boxing Club while Brock Brian lost to Austin Bene of Ultimate Fighter Boxing Club’s via first round stoppage.

Tony Laramie was disqualified in his bout against Hunter Lee of Windsor Amateur Boxing Club. Todd Laramie also lost his bout against Windsor Amateur Boxing Club’s Bradley Bernatchel.

Tyson Whalen defeated of Ultimate Fighter Boxing Club’s Cody Brisco.

In the main event Noram “The Pitbull” Lechance dropped his bout to former sparring partner Chris Damaini of Rough Boxing.

“It was a hard fight,” said LeChance, shortly after his bout. “I thought it was going to be easier  because I’ve sparred this guy hundreds of times so you kind of expect the same things. He’s improved a lot. He’s able to take shot better now and has more of a boxing style now.”

With the success of Saturday’s event, LeBlanc hopes this is a partnership that will continue through the years.

“It would be wonderful to do this as an annual event,’ said LeBlanc.

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