Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak makes stop in Amherstburg

By RTT Staff

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak, along with Ontario PC candidate for Essex, Dave Brister, visited the home of Ian and Beryl Barton, one of the millions of Ontario families struggling from higher taxes after eight years of Dalton McGuinty and who cannot afford four more years of Liberal or NDP tax hikes.

Hudak drew attention to Dalton McGuinty’s history of job-killing tax increases including the so-called health tax, the HST and the sneaky eco taxes that have all contributed to the loss of 300,000 manufacturing jobs.

Hudak pointed out that the NDP is promising even more of the same including a proposed new tax on employers that will drive even more jobs out of Ontario.

“There are three leaders running for premier.  But there are only two choices facing Ontario voters,” said Hudak. “ It is a choice between change and more of the same.  It is a choice between real relief and higher taxes.  The only way to get change and get that relief is to elect an Ontario PC Government.”

Hudak said a PC Government will provide families with immediate relief by removing both the HST and Debt Retirement Charge from hydro bills, reducing income taxes and allowing family income sharing. He also added he will also implement a comprehensive Five-Point Jobs Plan to get Ontario working again.

“Dalton McGuinty is already forcing Ontario families to pay for his so-called ‘health’ tax, HST and sneaky eco tax and we already know a job-killing carbon tax is coming next,” said Hudak. “ The NDP are promising to drive up taxes on employers and drive more jobs out of Ontario.  Ontario families cannot afford four more years of a high tax government that kills jobs.”

Hudak mentioned  that  two months after pledging he wouldn’t raise taxes,  McGuinty imposed the single largest income tax hike in Ontario history. He followed this up by imposing the single largest sales tax hike in Ontario history (with the HST), all the while running up record deficits and doubling Ontario’s debt.

He also said the NDP promised they would take the HST off of hydro bills, but in the fine print on page 44 of their platform, backtracked and now admit that they will not do so until at least 2016.

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