Onatrio PC leader Tim Hudak visits Essex

By RTT staff

Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, Tim Hudak was in Essex last week claiming that, if elected, he plans to be “the best partner small business ever had.”

As a small business run by the same family for 48 years, Schinkels’ Meat Market in Essex was an appropriate venue for Hudak to present his Small Business Bill of Rights and share his opinion on smart meter electricity pricing.

“Mr. Schinkel when smart meters come on it’s really going to hurt butcher shops,” said Hudak. “You can’t exactly turn off the refrigerators.”

Gerry Schinkel, who started the business in 1963, agreed.

“The smart meter idea is not smart,” he said.

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak in Schinkels’ Meat Market in Essex with owner Greg Schinkel and Essex PC Candidate Dave Brister. On July 20, Schinkel was the first Ontario business owner to receive a copy of the PC’s proposed “Small Business Bill of Rights.”

Hudak explained that if elected his government wants to give families and businesses the choice to opt out of the smart meter program.

“Smart meters are nothing more than a tax grab,” said Hudak.

He explained that small businesses are the primary source of jobs, opportunity and innovation. He called them essential to a “strong and modern economy.”

“Dalton McGuinty’s tax grabs, expensive energy experiments and excessive red tape are handcuffing small businesses’ ability to grow, prosper and most importantly, create jobs,” he said.

“Our Small Business Bill of Rights will guarantee they get fair, helpful and equal treatment from their government.”

The document contains five specific “rights.” The reduction of red tape, more customer friendly government services including extended hours, choice over smart meter energy pricing, better access to the bidding process for government contracts, and a formal voice for small business in the creation of new legislation and regulations.

During the event party staffers were handing out copies of the Ontario PC Change Book. The book outlines the party’s policies and goals. It is also available on line at www.ontariopc.com.

The provincial election campaign officially starts in September and the election takes place Oct. 6.

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