Ohhhh Canada!

By Joel Charron

Amherstburg sure does know how to throw a birthday party.

Thousands flocked to the Fort Malden National Historic Site to participate in a full day of activities and fun.

The day featured singers, dancers, children’s entertainment and as the cherry on the sundae, a fireworks display over the Detroit River.

Canadians donned the national colours, proudly wearing red and white. To show their pride in Canada some people went as far as painting a red maple leaf on their cheeks.

“I love my country and I’m very proud to be Canadian,” said Doris Mackenzie, who was donning a red maple leaf on each cheek and wearing an “I love Canada” Dr. Seuss hat.

During opening ceremonies residents and visitors were welcomed by Mayor Wayne Hurst and Essex MP Jeff Watson.

“What a lovely celebration for the greatest country in the world,” said Hurst.

Hurst was joined by deputy mayor Ron Sutherland and Councillors Bob Pillon, Diane Pouget, John Sutton, Bart DiPasquale and Carolyn Davis, as well as, Amherstburg Police Chief Tim Berthiaume.

Hurst mentioned that all should take a moment to be thankful for a government for its role and investments in the nations culture and heritage.

“It is important on this great day that we be mindful of those who are off shore defending our rights and freedoms that we so truly love,” said Hurst.

Essex MP Jeff Watson said Canada is “looking very good” on its 144th birthday.

“We enjoy freedom and prosperity that is the envy of the world,” said Watson. “We are looking good after 144 years and looking forward to many more.”

Watson mentioned Canada was built in large part by people wanting a new life.

“We are a country that enjoys freedom, democracy and we respect the rights of others,” said Watson. “We live under the rule of law, not under tyrants. That really separates us in the world.”

Watson also added that Canadian’s have a right to be proud and have been showing the pride more often in recent years.

‘We care about each other and we have built ourselves a wonderful country,” he said.

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