OCWA volunteers help clean up the White Sands


Volunteers from OCWA helped perform a cleanup on Bob-Lo Island at the White Sands Beach. (Submitted photo)

Volunteers from OCWA helped perform a cleanup on Bob-Lo Island at the White Sands Beach. (Submitted photo)

By Haley Rose


A group of volunteers from the Ontario Clean Water Agency, operating authority for the town’s water and wastewater facilities, teamed up with Dan Mitchell and headed to White Beach Sands on Boblo Island to partake in one of many Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanups of spring within the Amherstburg community.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup helps promote healthy ecosystems/wildlife and the safety towards people in their experiences along waters that enter into the Great Lakes.

In total, the volunteer group managed to collect 445 pounds of garbage within the area of the cleanup. Many of the volunteers are local residents who take great pride in helping to make a difference educating people on  the importance of clean waterways, beaches and shorelines which impact the Great Lakes. The importance of clean water and areas abutting water also impacts Source Water Protection to provide clean safe, potable water.

Mitchell works in the OCWA and was hired by the town to run the water and waste facilities. When asked why he chose to organize the cleanup, he answered: “One of my priorities I set out for myself as management would to initiate as many volunteering initiatives as I can to help the Amherstburg community, with my staff’s support.”

After such a successful clean-up, Mitchell and his team are also looking at holding a food bank drive sometime within the next few weeks.

In regards to the events, Mitchell says that the focuses are “to help promote source water protection and to promote cleaner great lakes within the environment and our community. The food drive is to focus on the families in need of healthy and regular meals through the local mission. “

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