Nustadia donates $40,000 towards new complex

By Joel Charron

For the first time since the United Communities Credit Union Complex construction has finished, Nustadia Recreation Inc. stopped by for a visit and this time brought a big cheque with them.

On Friday afternoon, Ben Sproule, president and Chief Executive Officer of Nustadia Recreation Inc. presented Mayor Wayne Hurst and members of council with a $40,000 donation to the Amherstburg Community Foundation.

In Photo (Lto R)- recreation director Dennis Laporte, manager of parks & facilities Tony DeThomasis, Mayor Wayne Hurst, CAO Pam Malott, Nustadia project manager Ed Pavao, Councillor Bob Pillon, Nustadia president Ben Sproule, Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland.

“Nustadia Recreation is extremely, extremely proud of this facility,” said Sproule. “When you actually get to walk into it and you see the reality of it, it’s so much different than when you’re trying to put it together on paper.”

“The beauty of this facility is obvious to whoever walks in here,” he continued.

Sproule said it is not very often that projects such as the United Community Credit Union Complex get completed on time and on budget. He stated that it took “great team work” to pull off a project of this magnitude.

Sproule and the Nustadia team have extensive experience as project managers for innumerable recreation facility developments. Sproule estimated that the company had at least $130 million of construction accruing at the same time as the United Communities Credit Union Complex was being constructed.

“This complex got the very best value that I know of for the money,” said Sproule.

Sproule also credited DeAngelis Construction for a “phenomenal job” with the construction.

“Max and his team were wonderful to work with and creative in their approach. We would be very pleased to work with DeAngelis Construction in future projects.”

He also mentioned that Nustadia had a “wonderful relationship” with council and stated that Amherstburg should be very proud of the final product.

Sproule said Nustadia doesn’t usually donate funds to the recreation facilities they have a hand in producing; however, the United Community Credit Union Complex was different.

“This is a very special facility because of its accessibility,” said Sproule. “As a result of that, I got my senior management group together and we are very proud and pleased to make this donation today.”

Hurst called Nustadia’s $40,000 donation “gratifying.”

“We are very appreciative of the donation put forward by Nustadia,” said Hurst. “It’s gratifying to see how people are gravitating to this particular facility.”

Hurst added that the United Community Credit Union Complex will re-energize the community for years to come.

Fundraising coordinator Debi Croucher said the total amount of donations is roughly around 1.5 million. She added that she will be going in front of council sometime in May to update them as to where the fundraising efforts currently sit.

“We are in the last stretch,” said Croucher. “The end of the line is in sight, it is very exciting.”

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