Noram “The Pitbull” Lechance has eyes set on national title


By Joel Charron

Noram “The Pitbull” Lechance has had an entire year to think about his performance at the Canadian Senior Open National Boxing Championship last year.

After winning bronze at Nationals last year, the Pitbull believes that his time is finally here.

“I’m feel really good right now, very excited,” said Lechance. “I feel that I’m more than ready. I feel that this is my time.”

Lechance along with trainer and Fighting Island Boxing Club president, Joe LeBlanc left for the Canadian Senior Open National Boxing Championship Sunday morning. This year the Nationals are being held in Sidney/Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


Noram “The Pitbull” Lechance along with Joe LeBlanc are hoping to bring a national title back to Amherstburg.

The 17-year-old has waited a whole year to get back to the Nationals, stating that winning bronze was a good achievement in his young career, however bronze wasn’t the colour of medal he was gunning for.

Now with another year of experience the Pitbull says he is refocused and more confident heading into the national tournament.

“This past year was really good for me. I had more international fights and feel that I have evolved into more of a complete fighter,” said Lechance.

As of Saturday afternoon, Lechance said he didn’t know who his first opponent was, as they will draw for opponents Monday afternoon.

Lechance noted his first fight would be either Wednesday or Thursday.

Lechance hasn’t waved from his usual training schedule, training at Fighting Island beginning at 6 p.m. every day. Lechance has also been mixing up his sparring partners, sometimes trading punches with fighters from Charlie Stewart’s Windsor Amateur Boxing Club.

Lechance said he spent more time with strength and speed training.

“I’m a lot stronger than I was last year and I feel I’ve gotten faster,” he said.

Lechance mentioned that he has had all his fights recorded over the past year and has able to watch the film to analyze his fights.

“I’ve noticed some bad habits that I’ve developed over the year and have been able to work on that,” he said.

In order for the Pitbull to return as a National Champion he said that he needs to remain concentrated on the task at hand.

“I have to pick my shot and don’t throw punches for the sake of throwing punches,” he explained.

The Canadian Senior Open National Championship runs Jan. 10-12.

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