New spin on photo booth at Canada Day festival to benefit patrons, businesses alike



By Jolene Perron


During this year’s Canada Day celebration, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a new photo opportunity.
PhotoFLAIR will be making their Amherstburg event debut during the July 1st Canada Day festivities, and will also be returning for the Canuck It Up Festival Aug. 5-6.

“Our vision and use of PhotoFLAIR is meant to market and advertise events and organizations of all types,” explained Paul Boeykens, Lead Systems Analyst at Conceive-IT Corp, the parent company of PhotoFLAIR. “From fundraising awareness, weddings, festivals and sports organizations, the PhotoFLAIR podium’s versatility is exceptional. We create custom 4×6 printouts with the events logo and contact information or any other relevant information they want to share with people. Podiums can also record and collect data.”

Layout 1
This won’t be a traditional photobooth however, with a staged backdrop and fun props. Instead, the backdrop is the scenery behind the subject. Boeykens explained it gives an opportunity to have friends or family photo-bomb the photo an make the experience much more fun and spontaneous. He added however, there are retakes available for those with unexpected guests in their photo.

When the subject receives their photo, a QR code will appear at the bottom which can be scanned with any QR reading app, and it will redirect the patron to a website filled with local businesses.

“We have taken part with numerous charitable events in Windsor-Essex, and the idea of fundraising or awareness made it difficult for us to ask for a fee from the organizers,” said Boeykens. “So in the beginning we donated our time to help out. However, business as it is, we have costs on our end we have to meet. So the idea of adding a QR code on each printout, which leads to local service providers was a way we could cover our costs while still promoting charitable events at no cost. For a minimal fee, we promote local businesses through the QR code. When scanned by visitors they are brought to a webpage noting businesses within the area, and it is here as well that those businesses may offer specials, coupons, promotions or discounts. So, not only does the event still get advertisement, guests receive a keepsake souvenir and now businesses can get an opportunity to create business.”

Unlike other companies, PhotoFLAIR doesn’t ask for a phone number or e-mail, which Boeykens explains protects their guests’ privacy.

Once the photo is taken, guests have it in seconds. Boeykens said it’s a win-win for everyone, guests, businesses, and the event.

“Last year at one event we attended, the organizer said it best by saying ‘you guys deal in emotion, and creating memories,’” said Boeykens. “It is true when you see how happy families or friends are when they have a memory in hand.”

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