New office building planned for Murray St

By Karen Fallon

Although excited to see development come to Murray St. some of council expressed apprehension over the slated design of the new building at the council meeting held Monday evening.

The proposed building will be a 1574 sq. ft. structure which has a stone veneer and stucco finish.

“It would be nice if the owners would consider revisiting the building – design – to fit in with the heritage of the area, noted councillor Carolyn Davies, who also stressed that she was pleased to see development taking place on Murray Street.

The town, noted Lory Bratt, planning coordinator, in a report to council, received an application from Architect Joe Toth on behalf of Hamilton Insurance Ltd. for a new office building to be located at 102 Murray Street.

Bratt explained that as the building is not located in the town’s heritage district it is not subject to control by the town over its appearance.

“This is a very handsome building for downtown,” she said.

Councillor Diane Pouget also expressed trepidation over the style of the building.

“We are happy to have them either way,” said Pouget, who reflected that discussion should take place with the owners to inform them of “the direction the town is taking” regarding architectural design to reflect the heritage of the town.

In a report to council Bratt recommended an accessible parking space on the east side of Bathurst Street adjacent to 102 Murray Street be referred to the Traffic Committee for consideration and review.

However, there is provision for three parking spaces on site, says Bratt, who noted that other recent additions to Murray St. have included two restaurants

“Murray Street is a catalyst,” said councillor John Sutton. “If you have a plan and work towards that plan it does indeed bear fruit.”

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