New exhibit opens at Gibson Gallery


By Jolene Perron

People have always said that the young people in the world will some day run it. The Gibson Gallery is encouraging this statement by having young artists showcase their masterpieces at their annual art exhibit “Artists of the Future”.

The exhibit consists of original art work done by General Amherst and St. Thomas of Villanova students. Some of the students have more than one piece in the exhibit, but not one piece is like the other.

This exhibit includes a variety of artwork, from black and white sketches to pen and ink, to acrylics, to sculpture and even a fabric piece.


These are just a few items that are on display at the Gibson Gallery for their exhibit “Artists of the Future.”

“I contacted the art teachers last year and said that the Gibson Gallery would like to start having an annual show,” said Bonnie Deslippe, “They were very enthusiastic about it.”

Deslippe says that the Gallery’s inspiration for holding the exhibit was through offering bursaries to local artists looking to further pursue Art as a career in College or University.

The exhibit is closing on 5 p.m. Easter Sunday, which is not usual for the gallery as they are usually closed on Easter weekend. This year, they are staying open specifically for the students.

“That way we figured if students happen to have relatives in the area they can bring them to the gallery and show them their work.”

The artwork does have prices on it, however, Deslippe says that in the previous year she has been asked if the student would like to sell their work. She claims it is something that must be decided between the client and the student. There is absolutely no cost to enter the exhibit as they derive their funds mainly from Art by the River in the summer time. However, donations are always greatly appreciated.

“I think people should come out and really be inspired by what these young people have created,” said Deslippe. “They really have done some amazing work.”

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