New councillor wants background info on two local properties and other issues



By Ron Giofu


One of Amherstburg’s five new councillors wants to ensure that they are all “in the loop” as it pertains to issues leftover from the previous council.

Councillor Peter Courtney mentioned the seniors hub planned for the former St. Bernard School site and the northern 12 acres of Centennial Park and wanted the new council to be brought up to speed on both projects. While acknowledging some of the previous discussions may have been in-camera, Courtney still wanted his colleagues as well as himself told what the plans are and what the status of the two projects are.

Concerns over Centennial Park appear to have been prompted by recent activity that was reportedly spotted by local residents.

“Some of our constituents thought they saw surveyors out on the north end of Centennial Park,” said Courtney.

Courtney said that is parkland and is looking to have the new council informed as to what the future of that site is, as well as the neighbouring St. Bernard School site.

There was also the ongoing issue of policing expenditures for local, non-town operated festivals that the 2014-18 town council had been debating. Courtney said he would like to see that matter resolved and would also like to see the new council get a full report on the matter.

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