New Children’s Music School to Open in Amherstburg


By Josh Beneteau

A modern new way of teaching music to young children will soon be available to local families.

Sylvia Samek will be opening a “Music for Young Children” (MYC) school out of her home starting this September. The school teaches young children how to read music and play simple notes on a piano using puppets and other fun activities.

“It’s a program that’s interactive.” Samek said, “It’s fun for the kids and it’s a little friendlier for them than just pressing down the keys.”

Samek also said parents play an important part in the MYC style of teaching.

“Parents are encouraged to come and interact with their child; learning along with them.” Samek said, “This way there is a three way partnership where the parent comes along and supports the child.”

The MYC organization has been teaching children piano since 1980 when Frances

Sylvia Samek’s “Music for Young Children” will be run out of her home starting in September.

Balodis founded it from her home in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Today, it has more than 900 teachers and 24,000 students on three continents and is widely acclaimed as being a great music program for young children. One person who has high praise for the program is Barbara Coloroso, who wrote the book “Kids are Worth It.”

“MYC provides the necessary structure for learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think. Children are empowered to set goals in their learning while experiencing a playful, positive environment.”

Samek was in the local school system for over 35 years, starting her career as a music teacher and ending it as the principle of Malden Public School. She completed the MYC certification course this year and is fully equipped to teach under the MYC guidelines.

“I really wasn’t ready to hang up my chalk.” Samek said, “I hope to give the children a lifelong   love of music.”

More information on the MYC program can be found on and anyone interested in joining the classes, which begin on September 26, can call Slyvia Samek at 519-566-0609.

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