New Canadians sworn in at Fort Malden


By Joshua Beneteau

This year’s Canada Day celebration at Fort Malden was extra special for 35 people who became new Canadian citizens.

The ceremony was presided over by Clerk of the Court Dan Fanelli and special guest Dr. Bryan Walls, an author and member of the Order of Canada. Walls led the group as they recited the oath in both English and French and then Fanelli gave them each a certificate, officially making them Canadians.

The town of Amherstburg and the Immigration office also put together a small gift for each family, including a food voucher and a pass for the National Parks of Canada.


Thirty-five new Canadian were sworn in Sunday afternoon as part of the Canada Day festivities.

Many special dignitaries attended the event to send well wishes to the new citizens including MPs Jeff Watson, Brian Masse and Joe Comartin as well as MPP Taras Natyshak, Commander Dan Manu-Popa and Mayor Wayne Hurst.

“This is Canada day and we are pleased for Amherstburg as (the ceremony) gives these individuals who have taken the oath today an opportunity to really see what Amherstburg is really like” Mayor Hurst said afterwards, “We want to encourage them more than ever to become active in their community and use their talents to build a stronger Canada.”

“I always wanted to be (a Canadian citizen) and it has a lot of importance to me” said new Canadian Abdulsalam Ahmed, “I’m just going to enjoy this day with my family.”

The ceremony was  described by Natyshak who told the group of new Canadians in his short speech that it wasn’t “just Canada Day but (their) day”.

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