New campaign urging drivers not to text and drive

By Marc Girard

Most bracelets find their way across the wrist.

Now a new campaign, started by Amherstburg native Karen Girard, is putting the bracelets on the thumb.

The campaign is in support of the prevention of text messaging while driving. Girard has been constantly on the alert about the effects of texting due to the increasingly age of her and her friends’ children, who are approaching the driving age. She also admits the warning need not apply to only teenagers.

The colourful “Texting Kills” bands wil remind driver, both young and old that texting while driving can be very dangerous.

“There is a mistaken belief that this message needs to be given to our teens only, but it affects every age,” said Girard. “We are all guilty of it.”

The bands come in a variety of colours and sport the phrase “txting kills.” Girard is currently selling the bracelets for $1.50, with proceeds going to the purchase of more bands. She is also working on gaining the support of police departments throughout Windsor and Essex County.

“The thoughts behind the bands is that they are wearable reminders,” said Girard. “It’s just a simple reminder not to pick up his phone.”

The rubber bands, which have become very popular in parts of the U.S., have been endorsed by celebrities such as Jordin Sparks, Jason Derulo and the Jonas Brothers. A belief held by Girard is that celebrities wearing the bands will catch on with younger generations.

According to statistics from, texting while driving is about six times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk, makes you 23 times more likely to crash and is the equivalent to driving an entire football field blindfolded.

“We have taken this on because we believe you have to be active in your community,” said Girard. “It does not help any of us to sit and complain and not step forward. We need to get involved.  What good is it to me as a parent to sit back and worry and not step up? Itís one thing to tell my boys, but they are travelling on the roads with all the other drivers who do this. On a regular day when we are out driving 30 to 40 per cent of the drivers we pass are talking on phones or looking somewhere else.”

If anyone is interested in helping the cause or would like a band email

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