New business group focusing on local independent merchants



By Ron Giofu


A new business group has begun operating in Amherstburg aiming at promoting local independent businesses and resolving some of their issues.

The Amherstburg Independent Merchant Association began late last year and has already started promoting and advocating for independent merchants.

“We are a brand new, not-for-profit organization,” explained Dorothy Kryworuchko, owner of Pied-A-Terre Home Décor on Dalhousie St. “Our focus is on revitalizing and bringing awareness to the amount of independent businesses Amherstburg has to offer.”

Lori Farmer, another founder of the association along with Kryworuchko, also pointed out that it is completely focused on independent merchants with Kryworuchko believing they have different programs than the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce.

“We are bringing businesses together through group advertising and local events,” explained Kryworuchko. “We are keeping communication open between the businesses, sharing concerns and finding resolutions to what ails us. We are encouraging and organizing new festivals and expanding the sidewalk sales.”

Such events they have already organized include the “Ladies Night Out” event as well as their “Christmas Countdown.” Farmer also noted they are looking into an “Arts, Beats and Eats”-type event for Amherstburg but added that is in the early stages.

“Independent businesses as a whole are the backbone of our country,” said Kryworuchko. “It is what keeps the economy growing. It’s about shopping local, open communication and continuing to put Amherstburg on the map.”

Issues they hope to continue addressing include downtown parking and snow removal.

The Amherstburg Independent Merchant Association began meeting once a month but Kryworuchko added they have expanded that to twice a month. She said they try to hold one meeting in the morning and the other in the evening to try and accommodate the merchants.

“As a group we have a bigger voice,” said Farmer. “There’s a lot of communication in-between (meetings). It’s not just a meeting.”

Kryworuchko said they are working with the town’s tourism department and want to have a working relationship with other groups in Amherstburg.

“We want to work together with all of the other associations,” said Kryworuchko.

For further information on the Amherstburg Independent Merchant Association, contact Kryworuchko at or Farmer at Our Place at 519-736-3368.

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