New building for Ranta Marina clears first hurdle

By Karen Fallon

Council recently considered a set back agreement for Ranta Marina owners, which would begin the application process to construct a permanent building at the site.

The development is to include requirements for refreshments, a convenience store and other amenities for marina users.

According to Lori Bratt, planning coordinator for the town, there was also an abutting request for an agreement to allow an encroachment onto town property during construction of the building.

The agreement, says Bratt, will provide for the area to be fenced, complete restoration and reseeding of the area, indemnification of the municipality and financial security.

“The applicant has agreed to provide trees for planting throughout the park,” she added.

Councillor Diane Pouget who asked a number of questions on behalf of the audience inquired whether during construction of the building it would have a negative impact on the municipal parking area.

To which Bratt responded that it won’t.

Also, in respect to a geotechnical survey of the area, Bratt says that a site plan control agreement will come before council at a later date in respect to the permanent structure and all the associated servicing.

Pouget referred to a letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources supplied by abutting neighbor to the Ranta property Wilf Fortowski, which noted:   “The ministry supports the Provincial Policy Statement that requires a geo-technical evaluation prior to development at the former solution mining sites.”

“The development is the structure which comes under the Ontario Building Code,” says Bratt. “The Chief Building Official is authorized to require whatever soil tests and engineering studies in the design of that building to ensure the soil is capable of holding the structure.”

Steve Brown, Chief Building Official says when it comes to any such structure there are always a number of “things to look at” including geo-technical surveys.

“There will be any number of things that the engineers will be required to do before a building permit is issued,” said Brown.

Council agreed with both requests.


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