“Natural snow fence” concept voted down by town council


Town Logo Small-webBy Ron Giofu


An idea to investigate the idea of a “natural snow fence” has been rejected by town council.

Councillor Carolyn Davies suggested the town team with the County of Essex in investigating such an idea, stating it has been a successful concept elsewhere. She said the use of a “natural snow fence,” which could be something like 12 rows of corn stalks to “catch the snow,” would be less costly than a wood fence.

Davies also believed it would lessen costs in terms of snow plowing and could improve safety on the roads if less snow was drifting on them.

“The Peel region is doing this and it is working and having great success,” said Davies. “I do believe we have a responsibility to look into this.”

Mayor Wayne Hurst said the agricultural industry would have to be part of any such plan and Davies offered that talking to farmers be part of the investigation.

Davies’ motion to proceed with an investigation was defeated on a tie vote.

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