Music inspired exhibit opens at Mudpuppy Gallery


By Joel Charron

The Mudpuppy Gallery opened its first exhibit of 2012 this past week.

The current exhibit is called “Under the Influence of Music” where it challenged local artist to submit pieces of art that showed how music has inspired them in some way.

Roughly 30 musically inspired pieces were submitted to the Mudpuppy Gallery, with a bulk of the submission coming close to the submission deadline.

“At first we didn’t have too many pieces but as it came close to the deadline the pieces started showing up,” said Robert Honor, a member of the Mudpuppy Six who run the art gallery.


Mudpuppy co-founder Cheryl MacLellan and grandson Curtis Realba, 18 months, check out one of the 30 submittions in the “Under the Influence of Music” exhibit.

“I thought the artist were really intrigued by this exhibit,” said Honor.

Cheryl MacLellan, another member of the Mudpuppy Six, said they opted to try a music themed exhibit because they are always trying to have their artists “think outside the box.”

“When we do a show we want to give it a little edge so it will make people think and challenge them a little bit,” said MacLellan. “Music is universal, everyone experiences it and can connect with it on some level.”

Honor noted that some of the pieces were from new artists while others returned after not submitted something for several months. Artists vary in age, with some being as young as 10 and the oldest in their 80’s.

“We are start to attract a lot of different artists while keeping our regulars,” said Honor.

The exhibit runs until Feb. 3. MacLellan mentioned that starting in the new year  exhibits will now run for four weeks instead of three.

“We want to give the artists more exposure,” said MacLellan.

The Mudpuppy Gallery is gearing up for a busy few months.  On Jan 28 the Gallery will be hosting its fourth “Beat Night” at the Downtown Espresso Café, which will feature original poetry, music and story telling.

Starting Feb 8 the Mudpuppy Gallery will kick off its “Woodcarver’s Ball” exhibit and will feature the work of woodworkers, carvers and whittlers.

In March the Mudpuppy gallery brings back their photography exhibit, with prizes donated from a tripod company, Joby, to be handed out.

“We have a lot of exciting exhibits coming in 2012,” said MacLellan.

For information, contact or call 519-736-7279.


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