Municipal tax increase of 2.77 per cent

By Karen Fallon

Citing a “lot of effort to get to this point,” council passed this year’s budget of $46,778,677 which results in an increase of 2.77 percent for Amherstburg’s taxpayers.

“It certainly isn’t easy, but that is what we are here for,” said Mayor Wayne Hurst.

“While not perfect it does begin to address some of our current needs,” said councillor John Sutton, who noted that the budget allows the town to maintain its debt reduction strategy.

As a result a home valued at approximately $200,000 will experience an increase of approximately $40 in the municipal portion.

According to a report by town treasurer Paul Beneteau, when the County and school tax rates are added to the municipal tax rate, the impact on the average residential property of $191,521 totals $31.20, or a total increase of 1.17 per cent.

Council members agreed that this year’s budget process, which involved several meetings, was difficult when it came to juggling keeping current services, debt repayment and keeping the tax increase to taxpayers low.

“It was very, very difficult, especially for the new-comers” said councillor Diane Pouget. “We did want to come in with a zero per cent increase and we did try to do that.”

“I think we did work hard,” says councillor Bart DiPasquale. “It all depends on how much you want to cut. We tried to keep it balanced and still pay our debt and try to get some work done in the community.”

Sutton says there has been money set aside in the budget for things like equipment at Kingsbridge Park, the bicentennial celebration and road work.

However, he pointed out that the money for the park will be put aside until extra funds are added via next year’s budget.

“It won’t happen this year,” said Sutton. But if we continue in 2012, it will finally come to fruition.”

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