Mudpuppy kicks off Spring with “Flower Power”

By Jolene Perron

The Mudpuppy Gallery’s “Super Psychedelic Flower Power” art show has only been up and running for a week, but has already gotten a great response from the public.

The show itself was inspired by spring and the response of entries from the public was more than anyone expected. In addition to the entries, there has been an increase in traffic through the gallery.

With a little help from the weather, the gallery keeps getting busier and busier.

Rocco Dipasquale showcases his Super Psychedelic artwork at the Mudpuppy Art Gallery Friday afternoon.

The Mudpuppy Gallery has as many as 6 co-owners, all of whom display their artwork on the walls with pride. The Gallery has been open almost a year, and continues to get much needed help and support from the community through volunteers, local artists and much more.

Rocco DiPasquale, one of six co-owners of the Mudpuppy Gallery, took a proud look at his artwork displayed in the exhibit as he explained that his inspiration from his piece actually came from back when he was a kid, remembering the old cars. He also put flowers on the picture, which help to emphasize the amount “Flower Power” in his artwork.

DiPasquale got into art in his childhood. He started out with drawing, but found a real passion in paintings. Lately, he’s been into sculptures.   DiPasquale says he’s not known for anything in particular, his interests in art are all over the map.

This particular exhibit will be on until May 29, ending with the Garden Tour.  Next up for the Mudpuppy Gallery is their second Beat Night and they would like to invite everyone to join them. It will be held at the Downtown Expresso Café on May 28, starting at 7pm and end by 10 pm, admission is $2.

The Mudpuppy Gallery would also like to thank the community for all their submissions to their shows and continued support.

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