Mudpuppy Gallery Showcases Local Artist


By Aaron Jahn

The Mudpuppy Gallery on Dalhousie hosted local artist Laurie D’Allesandro for a Gallery Talk to showcase her War of 1812 piece ‘Red Face Blue, Red Face Green’.

D’Allesandro’s work is done over maps of the area as they looked in 1812 and spread over three canvasses.  She says that her journey to creating ‘Red Face Blue, Red Face Green’ was brought about by search into her own family’s history.

“I started researching in 2009-2010.  I think what started it for me was tracing my genealogy back and realizing that there was two hundred years worth of American history,” said D’Allesandro.  “Then all of a sudden, the War of 1812 became very real for me.  It became somehow personal.”

Local artist Laurie D'Allesandro speaks to an intimate group at the Mudpuppy Art Gallery about her  painting 'Red Face Blue, Red Face Green' that was inspired by her research into the War of 1812.She says that until she started her research, she thought her ancestors had merely used America as their port of entry on the road to Canada,  she was startled to find out that her family had over 200 years of history south of the border.

“When I started this project I didn’t realized I had two hundred years worth of American history.  Nobody told me, I had no idea,” said D’Allesandro.   “I knew that my family had come to Canada from the United States, but I thought that was their port of entry and they came by wagon train.  I didn’t realize they had lived there for two hundred years and then come by wagon train.”

Each panel took about three months to complete, with research for the piece taking about a year and a half.  She hopes that what people will take away from her art is keeping history alive.

“Probably the tenuous connections between generations, the need to tell our own stories, but to also remember the stories from the past.”

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