MPP Natyshak opens “Community Office”


By Joel Charron

Surrounded by friends and supporters, Essex MPP Taras Natyshak officially opened a “community office” in Essex Friday night.

Located at 316 Talbot St North in Essex, Natyshak said having the community office in Essex was logistically the best place to set up shop, noting that it is equal distance from most places in the riding.

“It’s in the middle of the county,” he said.”

Offices opened by MP’s or MPP’s are usually referred to as a constituency office, Natyshak refers to his as a community office because he said residents in the Essex County riding are more than just constituents.

“They aren’t constituents, they are members of the community,” he said. “I’m hoping to have a higher level of service. It’s the community’s office and I’m proud to have it up and running.”


Essex MPP Taras Natyshak cuts the ribbon to officially open his Community Office

The MPP said the office will feature and an area where people will have access to a computer and other resources for services and get help in accessing websites the MPP’s staff recommends. There is also space for one-on-one meetings with either Natyshak or a member of his staff.

He also mentioned that there is a room for non-profit groups to meet.

“That means a lot to some small organizations that typically meet in a garage or around someone’s kitchen table,” he said.

Natyshak said, “it’s busy” since his October election victory and that he has spent time in the riding meeting municipal councils. He has also had the first of his “mobile office” sessions as he and his staff traveled to LaSalle earlier this month to discuss issues with residents of that community.

Natyshak plans to establish mobile offices across the riding every first Wednesday. Natyshak and his staff will open case files and have individual discussions with residents.

Natyshak admits there has been a lot of learning but ensures that he and his staff are adapting just fine.

“The volume of work had been quite large,” he joked.

Natyshak pointed out that the provincial government adjourned during the winter without a key aspect of governance in place.

“The government adjourned without officially forming committees,” said Natyshak. “Any bills introduced in the winter sessions have yet to see their way into committee. There’s no communication between the province and the public on important issues right now and that’s a shame.”

Natyshak predicts there will be “a lot of activity” in the coming months and said he will soon introduce a private member’s bill in the Legislature.

“Details will come out in due course,” he said.

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