MP Jeff Watson sports new look in honour of long time friend


By Joel Charron

Essex MP Jeff Watson is bald…for a good reason.

The new do is in support of a long time friend’s battle with cancer.

“I’m standing in solidarity with a good buddy of mine,” said Watson. “He’s fighting a very aggressive form of non-hodgkins lymphoma.”

Watson explained his friend (who wished to remain anonymous) approached the MP of his insecurities of losing his hair when his chemotherapy began.

To show his support and to show his friend he didn’t have to go through this alone, Watson, along with his friend’s two sons shaved their heads to make him feel more comfortable.

“I joke with him by saying when we are out together, no one is going to know which of us is having cancer treatment,” said Watson. “They will just see a couple of good looking guys with bald heads. In some measure it does take the focus off of him.”


MP Jeff Watson shaved his head in suppoprt of a long time friend who’s battling cancer.

“He shouldn’t have to feel that people are staring at him and if we can support him in ways like that I think it’s good,” he continued.

Watson said this is the first time that cancer has hit this close to home.

“This is one of the closest people around me that has been affected by cancer,” he said. “I carry my friend very close to my heart. I pray for him everyday.”

Watson said he’s not able to see his friend as much as he’d like because of his busy schedule, however he added that they are in constant contact through emails.

“He sends regular reports so I know where he is at and what to pray for,” said Watson. “He knows he’s being carried by a tight support group around him. He’s not in this alone.”

Watson said his friend has seen him with no hair and mentioned that his friend is “very appreciative” of his hairless gesture.

“There aren’t always a whole lot of words to say in this situation but I know it means a lot to him,” added Watson. Watson said shortly after shaving his head down to the skin, he was complaining to his wife Sarah about razor burn but stopped himself when he realized what he was complaining about.

“Here I am complaining about my head burning, meanwhile my friend is fighting for his life,” he explained. “It kind of put things in perspective.”

Watson said his head would remain hairless until his friend recovers.

“I have every ounce of confidence that he will beat the daylights out of this cancer. Cancer will not beat him. I will hold this until I know everything is ok with him,” said Watson.

“I love him dearly, I really do. For me this is a small thing. I wish I could do more.”

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