Moving to the beat of their own drum

By Joel Charron

The students at St. Joseph’s School are teaching other schools to stay fit through “Drummercise.”

Rene Bujold and his group of “Drummercise” trainiers.

“Dummercise” is an aerobic type program aimed at showing students that staying fit can be fun.

St. Joseph’s Teacher Rene Bujold was first introduced to the program after witnessing it at a conference he attended in Toronto some time ago.

“I asked them to come and do it in Windsor, but they wanted $1,000 to come down,” said Bujold. “We couldn’t fit that into our budget.”

Bujold took it upon himself to buy the proper supplies, which included pails, giant exercise balls and drum sticks. Along with his students Bujold created a variation of the program.

The program has become such a phenomenon that St. Joseph’s School has taken their show on the road, which included a stop at Stella Maris School last Tuesday.

According to Bujold the program is in other schools at least once per week and sometimes twice a week.

The “Drummercise” program consists of Bujold taking teams of Grade 8 students to the schools and function as assistant trainers. The students were chosen by the creativity of their routines and how much enthusiasm they show towards the program. However, Bujold mentioned that leadership plays an important role in the selection.

“It’s not so much the routine,” he said. “It’s the leadership they show while doing the activity. It’s how they get the other students involved.”

Stella Maris students get a feeling of what “Drummercise" is all about

St. Joseph’s Grade 8 student, Sarah Young said she enjoys trying to get other students to have fun while performing, however there is a lot of work that goes into “Drummercise.”

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of exercise and a lot of work but it’s fun,” said Young. “It’s like you are dancing the entire time. It’s kind of cool when you get someone who is not into it first and you help them have fun.”

Bujold explained the program first went to schools where his friends taught, then expanded to schools where Principal Doris Baggio had ties. “Drummercise” has now been at a number of schools throughout Windsor-Essex County. He also mentioned the most important aspect of “Drummercise” is that it is equal for all students.

“There’s not one kid that gets left out or shines as a superstar,” explained Bujold. “Here, everyone is on the same playing field. It’s a level playing field for fitness.”

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