Mother and son heading to Kenya on humanitarian mission



Nairobi tripBy Ron Giofu


A local mother and her 17-year-old son are heading to Nairobi, Kenya this fall as part of a humanitarian mission in the African nation.

Lynda and Jared Antle will be heading to Nairobi in November and are looking for donations so that they will be able to purchase and distribute as many food hampers as possible.

A $70 charitable donation buys 136 pounds of food, which can feed a family for approximately two to three months. Donations of cloth diapers and baby clothes are also being accepted.

The Antles got involved through family friends who have already moved to Kenya.

“Two-and-a-half years ago, Jason and Jennifer Sheppard moved to Kenya and their goal was to alleviate poverty and open an orphanage there,” explained Lynda.

Lynda pointed out teams of people go to Kenya with her and her son going as part of the Christmas hamper drive.

“We’ve known them for five years. They’ve accomplished a lot in 2 ½ years (the Sheppards have been in Kenya),” she said, adding the Sheppards have obtained land, founded the orphanage and hired a social worker.

Jared graduated from General Amherst High School in June and Lynda said his 18th birthday is two days after they get back. The trip runs from Nov. 22-Dec. 7.

“This was kind of a gift to him,” she said.

Lynda said she wants Jared, as well as his younger brother Ethan, to understand “how much we are blessed” and to realize how fortunate people are in this country.

The villages they will be going to are seldom touched by developed cultures, she said, and they will also be visiting and delivering food hampers to refugee camps where people live in extremely harsh conditions.

“They have nothing to call their own,” said Lynda.

The Antles are going to see what goes on in third world countries and to better mankind.

“I think it’s largely to experience it. We anticipate it to be life-changing.”

“It’s not something you can see on this continent,” said Jared. “It’s good to experience that and to help these people who don’t have it as well as we do here.”

Lynda stated that Jared will be heading to university and this experience in Kenya will allow him to be “a global citizen” as he moves forward in his own life. As a mother, she added, she has always wanted to expose her children to people who need a “leg up” in life. She believes Jared will always keep that experience in mind and there are plans on doing something as significant in the future with Ethan as well.

“I’m sure we’ll do the same thing with our second son or something similar,” she said.

For more information, visit Donations can be made to via PayPal, noted “Jared and Lynda.” People can also e-mail for information. People who wish to donate by mailing a cheque can do so by making it out to Mission 180 and mailing it to 54 Tennessee Cr., Amherstburg, Ontario N9V 3S4.

“Anyone who does donate can get a tax receipt,” said Lynda.

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