Model plane air show reaches high heights with spectators

By Joel Charron

Aviation enthusiasts of all ages enjoyed clear, sunny skies during the 3rd Annual Sun Parlor R/C Flyers Air Show and Open House this past weekend.

Jets, bi-planes, WWII style dog-fighters and even a witch graced the skies at Sun Parlor Tower Field to showcase the best the model plane hobby has to offer.

Spectators lined up behind a safety fence as they patiently wait for the Sun Parlor R/C Flyers Air Show to begin.

Sun Parlor is a club that focuses on education and safety of model planes while providing a great place for children and adults to explore their interest in aviation, engineering, aerodynamics and modeling.

The club is over 40 years old and boasts roughly 80 current members.

The two-day air show grew from static displays the club holds throughout the years.

The displays allow the public to see the models and admire their detail and accuracy. However people wanted see the model planes in action.

“People see the airplanes in a mall situation and they don’t see the fly,” said Club president Dave Doyan. “A lot of people were interested in seeing them fly, so this is an opportunity to get out and actually see the planes in action and see what they actually do.”

Doyan also added that the air show is a great family event that exposes their beloved hobby to the community.

This year’s show included all types of planes, including a bomber that dropped candy for the kids and Zoomhilda the Witch on her flying broom.

Kids were also invited to make their own model glider and compete against other kids for prizes.

The club offers instructions and a safe place to enjoy the hobby.

Doyan explained that it cost about $500 for a starter kit for the average beginner.

Some more advanced jet style planes can reach as much as $10,000.

“We’ll get a few people throughout the weekend that will inquire about learning to fly the planes,” said Doyan. “A lot of times they will sign up and join the club and begin flying the very next week.”

The club has a training program that can help to avert costly mistakes.

Beginners start with a two-transmitter system that allows the instructor to take over when necessary until the student becomes proficient.

“Some of the younger children with the video game experience, with the hand-eye coordination they have can be flying by themselves in a week,” said Doyan. “It all depends on the person.”

Doyan cautions that safety needs to be a priority when enjoying model remote control planes. Carelessness has been known to cause serious injury.

The Sun Parlor Field is specially designed to provide a high level of safety for participants and audiences alike.

“It’s very challenging but there is a lot of reward bring able to take a plane up, have a really successful flight and come down and have a plane that is ready to fly again,” said Doyan.

To learn more about model remote control planes or the Sun Parlor Flyer visit

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